In 2020, we set our focus on PRAYER & EVANGELISM. With a renewed spirit, we gathered together to plan new outreach ministries to reach those around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These ministries give us the opportunity to present the Gospel and reach out to those who may need prayer and an encouraging Word, and to let them know there is a God in heaven Who cares about them. In January 2016, we initiated our " Prayer Conference Line", originally scheduled for three-months. Being led by the Spirit of God, the team who began the daily conference call have continued to the present time. That which started as a mustard seed has become a mighty move of God answering prayers, not only for our FBC church family, but for many outside our church body. The participants of these ministries faithfully pray for physical, spiritual, emotional, and family needs for our church, then as the Word of God instructs us "...that prayer and intercession be made for all men." They pray for our nation, our world and the Body of Christ.

Daily Prayer line coordinator: kathy conte


This ministry began in January of 2016 as a call to the church for "three months of daily prayer and fasting".  We set up a conference line to which all were invited to participate.

After the three months ended, several of us remained on the daily prayer line and have continued to the present time.  What started out as a "mustard seed" has become a mighty move of God in answering prayers… not only for our FBC family but for many outside our church body.


The prayer warriors faithfully pray for the physical, spiritual, emotional and financial needs of our church and their families.  We also intercede on behalf of our nation, world and the Body of Christ as "... prayers and intercession are made for all men" -- our nation, our world, and the Body of Christ (I Timothy 2:1).

The prayer line is active Monday through Friday, 6:45 AM - 7:45 AM.

weekly prayer time Coordinator: Kaela mainsah

Intercessory Prayer Time: Every Sunday @ 10:00AM

Standing in the Gap over our church, members, worship team, Pastors and community.